Almonit Blog (blog.almonit.eth)
The (probably) best blog in the Dweb.

Blockchain Projects

Portal Network (portalnetwork.eth)
Decentralized Domain Name for the New Internet.

MyCrypto (mycrypto.dappnode.eth)
MyCrypto is a free, open-source interface for interacting with the blockchain.

Iexec (doracle.eth)
Iexec price Doracle.


Digitally Rare (digitallyrare.eth)
A podcast where Matt Condon and Jonathan Mann explore what it means to own things on the blockchain beyond.

Big and Small (game.portalnetwork.eth)
A fun-looking blockchain game.

Chuck-a-Luck (web3casino.eth)
A blockchain casino game.

Personal Websites

Pepesza (pepesza.eth)
Erlang expert, console dweller and enthusiast of distributed systems.

Monkybrain (monkybrain.eth)
Philip Prophet.

Christopher Shen (christophershen.eth)
Founder at Portal Network.

Phyrex Tsai (phyrextsai.eth)
Founder at Portal Network.

Graham Nelson (cv.gnelson.eth)
Digital Assets Tech Lead Investec.

Neel Yadav (neelyadav.eth)
Neel Yadav.

Matt Condon (mattcondon.eth)
Matt Condon.

Hadrien Croubois (hadriencroubois.eth)
French PhD in computer science from the École Normale Supérieure de Lyon. Blockchain, Cloud and distributed systems expert.

Destiner (web.destiner.eth)
Timur Badretdinov, also known as Destiner.

Alex Fisher (alexfisher.eth)
Alex Fisher.


Hozt (hozt.portalnetworkweb.eth)
Decentralized Hosting.

Badger Ethereum Wallet (badger.merklework.eth)
An Ethereum wallet.

Keydonix Open (liquid-long.keydonix.eth)
Open a leveraged ETH position.

Keydonix close (liquid-close.keydonix.eth)
Close a leveraged ETH position.

Turms Anonymous Message Transport (turmsamt.eth)
Turms AMT (Anonymous Message Transport) is a DApp for peer-to-peer messaging between Ethereum addresses.

Ethereum Name Service Registrar (ensmanager.matoken.eth)
An experiment trying to create ENS manager as an IPFS website.


Amoeba Core (amoebacore.eth)
Amoeba Core OS and toolchain for training and conducting slime mould (Physarum polycephalum) based computation engines.


Nathan Clay (nathanclayforcongress.eth)
Natahn Clay for congress.

Brad Sherman Mordor (bradsherman.eth)
Satire website about Brad Sherman.


Big and Small   Big and Small
  A fun-looking blockchain game.

Almonit Blog   Almonit Blog
  The (probably) best blog in the Dweb.

Hozt   Hozt
  Decentralized Hosting.